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Please be patient while I am learning this site.  Under new management

The "Hard"wood Facts:
Hardwood is a great family gaming place that currently has Euchre, Hearts, Solitaire and Spades. You can play at home alone against the computer or online against others. Having played spades all over the net I am well aware of what is out there as far as online games go. These games surpass all competitors in aesthetics, appearance, functionality, and fun! The graphics are awesome as are the MIDI's, and the avatars are just something you have to see. Ever blown an animated 'kiss" to your pard? You can at Hardwood! All Hardwood games are available for download at this site. Download your game of choice or all of them for a FREE 30 day trial. From my own experience you will be addicted to any of the games immediately.

Free Downloads

bulletSolitaire II (WIN95/98/NT)
bulletSolitaire MAC

Whats New?
#1 Free Minesweeper is a great totally FREE program. This is much better than any program you have seen before with a tutorial complete with magial effects, fairy dust pointer, custom scores, and full color!

Some information/images and courtesy of Silver Creek Entertainment.