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Hardwood4Dummies - Colors.
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Wanna type in color in the lobbies and rooms? Think its too hard? Lets make this real simple then. Simply type in the commands listed below then add the color of your choice in the area highlighted in red. Click here to launch the Portable Color Picker that sits in your task bar for fast color selection.
bullet Type in all one color: ~[cFF0000]
bullet To underline what you say: ~[u]~[cFF0000]
Now just substitute what I have in RED (FF0000) with the matching letter code of the color you want from the chart below. Once you type in the command correctly the code should disapear and when you type it should come out the color you choose.

Binding is useful so you don't have to repeat this over and over to make the color of choice appear. Say you want to talk in red you could make a bind for it. Example: /r then whatever you want to say. To make this possible just type in /bind r=~[cFF0000], once it goes blank it should say /r: (try it out if it is working right you should be able to type in /r and whatever you say after that should come out in red.
Some information/images and courtesy of Silver Creek Entertainment.