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General Rules:
bulletBe considerate at all times of other members on the server.
bulletDo not abandon a game. Quitters will be automatically penalized 25 points if it continues. (no need to report quitters)
bulletTable talking, that is discussing your cards with a partner, at the table or Privately communicating with a partner your hand or how to play or defend a hand via ICQ, other IM's, or telephone is cheating.
bulletIntentionally stalling a game is not allowed. (kick a player that is doing this, please make sure they aren't just having some problems).
bulletCheating in games is prohibited. Users should vote players out of a game if they are truly cheating.
bulletDo not fight or engage in personal attacks. (use the mute feature to ignore these players)
bulletDo not use racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious slurs.
bulletDo not create an account with any profanity, sexually explicit language, sexual innuendo, or racial, ethnic, or religious slurs.
bulletDo not use profanity or sexually explicit language on the server.
bulletPlease avoid excessive shouting (using all caps) or flooding (repeatedly posting)
bulletThreatening or harassing or making demands to Silver Creek staff or guards is prohibited and can result in immediate termination of your account or temporary muting. Also, the lobby is not the place to discuss policy issues.
bulletUse of the server for the promotion of illegal activities is prohibited.
Please note:
bulletYou will come in contact with players you won't like. That's why you have the mute tool, use it. We are not responsible for the conduct of players.
bulletYour participation in chats (in game or in the lobby), are subject to review, modification, and deletion, without notice.
bulletThere is no private chat on the server... All chat may be logged by the server for review.
bulletStaff or guards are not always able to monitor Member's conversations or game play at individual game tables and therefore users are empowered to remove watchers, boot players and otherwise enforce the server Rules.
bulletUnderstand that the server is currently provided for FREE to players of our full and demo games and we have the right to remove or mute anyone as we deem necessary. No refund for the games will be given due issues occurring on the server.
Tournament posting Rules:
bulletIf you are posting in a lobby for an upcoming tournament, you can post a notice a maximum of once every 10 minutes.
bulletYou can increase the rate to once every 2.5 minutes in the last 10 minutes before the tourney starts.
bulletDo your best to alternate posts with other tourney announcements. That is don't post right after someone's post about an other tourney wait at least one minute before you post yours.
bulletDon't post the same tournament as an other fact, it's best if the TD or someone appointed by the TD handles all the posting.
bulletIf a guard asks you to stop posting or asks you to adjust your posting, do so.
You as a player have two tools to help you with issues that might arise on the server:
bullet1.You can opt to block your viewing of a player's chat by using the "mute" option. To access the MUTE right click on a player and choose mute.
bullet2.You can vote to remove a player from a game if a player is not abiding by the rules below. Again, right click on a player and choose "vote to kick" . However please use kick as a last resort as that player will be penalized for abandoning a game.
bullet Lobby guards will also try to help... if you get muted by a guard... don't take is personally, they are trying to give you a chance to cool off. Mutes are only temporary, so just wait it out and be polite.
*Silver Creek Entertainment reserves the right to change its policies at any time.
Some information/images and courtesy of Silver Creek Entertainment.